Sweden - Vimmerby

Denmark - Slagelse

Poland - Somonino

Northern Ireland - Omagh

Germany - Bonn

Belgium - Merksem

Hungary - Nyíregyháza

Romania - Sibiu

Romania - Galati

Italy - Ottaviano

Italy - Catania

Turkey - kayseri

Turkey - Usak

Turkey - Izmir

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Project Information

Vocational schools providing hospitality and gastronomy courses work together in order to give the students, doing a workplacement abroad, a practical linguistic and cultural preparation and to guide those students as co-mentor during the workplacement in their country.

In order to achieve this a practical preparation program of one week will be worked out for every country and/or region in this country and also tried out.  

In this training program students will get cultural and practical information as well as a basic linguistic course and practical lessons in order to learn about the differences and similarities between the gastronomy and hospitality in the receiving country.

Before and during the workplacement period the material produced by the Leonardo Pilot project GEMS (Logbooks  for students working in kitchen – restaurant and hospitality – before, during and after the training period as well as the guide for mentors) will also been piloted.


The end product of this project will be a website with


the training program for one week in all the partnerschools


a student guide with practical information about country, region, accommodation, socialising and workplacement regulations

a basis vocabulary for hospitality students working abroad

Concrete objectives of this partnership


Pilot of the guide for students before the workplacement (of the Leonardo Pilot project Gems


Making a practical program for students in order to improve the preparation before they stat the   workplacement abroad.


Program of one week in the hotelschool of the region of the workplacement in order to give the students the best possible preparation before the start as well as to know already his co-mentor


Pilot the guide for students during the workplacement (kitchen – restaurant service – hospitality/reception)


Increase the skills of the teachers (language teachers and practical teachers) by working together and learning from each other.


Develop a transnational initiative by promoting students and teachers cooperation in terms of teamwork and collaborative activities.


Explore social and cultural aspects of hotel and services in different European regions.


Involve other local institutions in the projects and searching for students workplacement opportunities.